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English Practice Exams

English drama finally I've finished a few days ago. the result is very satisfactory, although a little nervous but it did not matter.
Everything is nice, cool and funny. an experience that may not be able to forget this in class 12.
This piece of footage that I show my play time, but sorry I do not have photographs ofr ehearsals as I did with my friends because I did not get to record it, it may be too busy training so they can not take pictures.

please enjoy..

 Group 4 : 

-        Agustina Rachma D         as Angel
-    Achmad Hasyim Ayub      as Edward
-    Devita Pramita S.           as Mam Aminah
-    Dona Rahmawati N.        as Christine
-    Dwi Putri H.Y                 as Sholiha
-    Fajar Dwi P                    as Patrick
-    Ilham Ivandryanto          as Wolfrine
-    Made Aditya A.D             as Giant


             Once upon a time there was a group of students in class who had the nature and different character. There was a couple in their class, Edward and Chistine. And one day the arrival of new student who is very beautiful and fascinating that makes all guys tease her. Then the new student was starting to like Edward because Edward is intelligence and quiet nature.

    Patrick : Stand up! greeting please

    Giant, Petrik, Edward, Christine, Soliha : Good morning mam Amm..inah

    Mam Aminah : Good morning student, how are you today ?

    Giant, Petrik, Edward, Christine, Soliha : I’am fine and you mam ?

    Mam Aminah : Me too, we have a new student today, come in please… Now please introduce your self to your friend.

    Angel I want introduce my self. Hi…My name Angel, I live on Jerman street beside Manyar, I’m 17 years  old, I had studied in Ciputra Senior High School before I learn here . Nice to meet you guys

    Giant, Petrik, Edward, Christine, Soliha : Nice to meet you too Angel ^^

    Mam Aminah : Oke, you can sit beside Sholiha . Now before we start the lesson, is  who there any student absent?

    Giant, Petrik, Edward, Christine, Soliha : Wolfrine Mam,

    Mam aminah : Absent the students (call the students one by one)

    Wolfrine : tok..tok..tok assalamualaikum Mam,
                   : hi bro (high five and shake to Patrick)

    Patrick : hi bro

    Sholiha : Astaghfirullah

    Mam aminah : Wolfrine, come here! Why did you come late this morning ?

    Wolfrine : I felt bored studying this morning

    Mam aminah : Why ? But you always come late

    Wolfrine : I’m sorry Mam but it’s a secret for me.

    Mam Aminah : OK sit down please, next time you must come in time not on time.

    Wolfrine : Yes Mam.

    Mam Aminah : Please open your book page 100. By the way tomorrow we have got news about the test for UAS so please prepare your money Rp.1000,-

    All Student : ha? Ha? (consufed)

    Mam Aminah : Ha he ha he . Pardon me ! (write down in the white board ‘PARDEN ME’)

    Sholiha : Astaghfirullah, that’s wrong mam.

    Mam aminah : So what is the right one ? Please come in front . .

    Sholiha : (come in front and correct it)

    Mam Aminah : Thank you, you are the nice student

    Sholiha : you’re welcome mam.

    All students applause.

    Sholiha           : Alhamdulillah..

    Mam Aminah : Okey, please continue doing assignment on page 100

    Wolfrine       : Who is that ? (Pointing to the Angel)

    Patrick          : She is a new student

    Wolfrine       : oh yeah, i think she is so beautiful

    Sholiha          : Astaghfirullah you always tease when there is a new student

    Wolfrine      : (hopefull to soliha)

    Patrick         : Be patient, be patient (talk to soliha)

    Sholiha         : It’s doesnt matter, don’t do that again.

    When all the students were enjoying doing the 

    exercise, suddenly they heard Edward teased Christine

    Edward    : Christine..

    Christine : yess..

    Edward   : I don’t know why I always miss you

    Christine : really?

    Edward   : yes umm..
    -             You know that a guitar need a string
    -            A car need gasoline
    -            And If Spiderman need a Marry Jane
    -            So I need your love

    Christine  : ohh so sweet, you are so cute

    All students with a happy laugh, and suddenly . .

    Mam Aminah : Giant ! Giant ! are you a sleep?

    Giant             : ha? No Mam

    Mam Aminah : So why did you sleep? Are you sick?

    Giant             : Yes mam

    Mam aminah  : if you can’t continue the lesson, you can take a rest now

    Giant : No mam, I can continue, it doesn’t matter for me . . thank you for your attantion Mam (continue to sleep again)

    Kring kring kring . . (it’s time to break time)

    Mam Aminah : Ok students time’s up, now you can take a rest for eating and etc (while leaving the class)

    Wolfrine       : hi girl what is your name ? (eye wink)

    Angel            : hi boy, my name is angel and you?

    Wolfrine       : I’m Wolfrine, I’m the most handsome in this class 

    Angel            : really -__-‘’ Oh yeah nice to meet you.

    Wolfrine       : bye (leaving Angel to Patrick ,Giant, Edward who are plying a card)

    A while later Christine and Soliha come to Angel who 

    sit alone.

    Christine and Sholiha : (go to angel’s seat) Hai angel ..

    Angel : haii ..

    Sholiha : What do you feel on the first day you enter ?

    Angel : umm not too bad, they are so fun and not boring, By the way how is the characteristic of the students here?

    Christine : Edward is a kind-hearted, smart. Wolfrine is a naughty boy and he always lazy. Patrick is the same as Wolfrine but he is more diligent than Wolfrine And Giant is cute but he always feels sleepy

    Sholiha : I hope you can get used to us

    Angel : umm, okey thank you ^^

    Kringg...kringg...kringg (the time was over for break 

    time) and all students come back to their sit

    Angel    : Edward can you help me to solve this problem for mathematic ? I can’t do it >_<

    Edward : Which one ?

    Looked at the close relation between Edward and Angel

     continuously, Cristine started to jealous

    Christine : hai look at that, Edward and Angel are together L (feel sad)

    Sholiha    : I don’t think so, perhaps Edward just wants to help Angel.

    Christine : I hope so.

              After a long time, Angel started to love Edward,

     she tried to close on him and get his attention. But,

     Edward still loved Christine. And Angel directly told

     him what she felt.

    Angel            : Edward I want to talk to you

    Edward         : What would you talking about?

    Angel            : Actually, I love you. What about you? (suddenly Christine comes)    

    Edward         : Emmm…

    Christine       : Oh I see, I had already wondered that you loved him.

    Wolfrine       : No, Christine, Edward loves you. I know that.

    Christine       : Are you sure ?

    Patrick          : You must trust Edward.

    Mam Aminah : what happen, why it is so noisy . Do you have any problem students ?

    Giant             : Yes mam, Christine feels misunderstanding to Edward

    Angel             : No mam, it is my fault. Iam sorry Edward, I don’t know if you are a couple, I don’t want to disturb your relationship and our friendship.

    Patrick          : Angel you must apologize to Christine.

    Giant             : And you Christine, you must forgive to Angel.

    Angel            : Emm… Christine I am sorry, do you want to forgive me? I am really sorry.

    Christine       : Me too, I do apologize for my  misunderstanding

    Sholiha          : Alhamdulillah(while bringing her tasbih)

    Edward         : I am happy the problem is over.

    Wolfrine       : Now, don’t be sad Angel I stay here for you.

    Angel            : Ok, but could you change to be a good boy?

    Wolfrine       : Ok, Soliha would you like to teach me how to be a good boy?

    Sholiha          : alhamdulillah, Finally you’re change.

    Mam Aminah : Now, We go to mosque to take a pray, let’s go student!

    Patrick          : Wait, Soliha i also want to change because of you. Teach me to pray!

    Sholiha          : okay.

    All students except Giant  and Mam Aminah went to the mosque.

    Giant             : hey, wait me, I also want to pray

               Friendship is more beautiful than a romance that just always terminated by the hostility and hatred, and a friendship can also make us always feel the togetherness that will never disappear.
    So keep your friendship and do not destroy the friendship with a love that can only destroy the beauty..


    These are my friends in the 12 IPA 2


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    langkah-langkah menambah gadget daftar blog

    langkah pertama  : masuk blogger kalin dulu dengan cara sign in ke
    langkah kedua     : kemudian setelah muncul dasbor klik rancangan - tambah gadget
    langkah ketiga     : klik daftar blog
    langkah keempat : jawaban pertanyaan
    langkah kelima    : selesai

    Good Luck

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    Praktek Agama ku

    Shalat Hajat adalah shalat sunah yang dilakukan karena ada suatu hajat/keperluan, baik keperluan duniawi atau keperluan ukhrawi. Agar hajat dikabulkan Allah, banyak cara yang dilakukan diantaranya adalah berdoa dan shalat. Shalat Hajat merupakan cara yang lebih spesifik untuk memohon kepada Allah agar dikabulkan segala hajat, karena arti shalat secara bahasa adalah doa. Firman Allah:"Dan mintalah pertolonganlah (kepada Allah) dengan sabar dan shalat" ( Al Baqarah : 45 ).

    Cara Melaksanakan Shalat Hajat :

    Shalat hajat tidak mempunyai waktu tertentu, asal pada waktu yang tidak dilarang, misalnya setelah shalat Ashar atau setelah shalat Shubuh.Shalat hajat dilaksanakan dengan Munfarid (tidak berjamaah) minimal dua rokaat dan maksimal dua belas rakaat. Jika dilaksanakan pada malam hari maka setiap dua rakaat sekali salam dan jika dilaksanakan pada siang hari maka boleh empat rakaat dengan sekali salam dan seterusnya. Sabda Nabi saw: "Siapa yang berwudhu dan sempurna wudhunya, kemudian shalat dua rakaat (Shalat Hajat) dan sempurna rakaatnya maka Allah berikan apa yang ia pinta cepat atau lambat" ( HR.Ahmad ).

    • > Niat shalat Hajat didalam hati berbarengan dengan Takbiratul Ihram
    • > “Ushalli Sunnatan Hajati  raka’atin mustaqbilal kiblati ada’an lillahi ta’ala” (Saya berniat melakukan shalat Sunaah Hajat dua rakaat dengan menghadap kiblat  semata-mata karena Allah SWT)
    • > Membaca doa Iftitah
    • > Membaca surat al Fatihah
    • > Membaca salah satu surat didalam al quran.Afadhalnya, rokaat pertama membaca surat al Ikhlas dan rakaat kedua membaca ayat kursi (surat al Baqarah:255).
    • > Ruku' sambil membaca Tasbih tiga kali
    • > I'tidal sambil membaca bacaannya
    • > Sujud yang pertama sambil membaca Tasbih tiga kali
    • > Duduk antara dua sujud sambil membaca bacaannya.
    • > Sujud yang kedua sambil membaca Tasbih tiga kali.
    > Setelah rakaat pertama selesai, lakukan rakaat kedua sebagaimana cara diatas, kemudian Tasyahhud akhir setelah selesai maka membaca salam dua kali.Jika dilaksakan empat rakaat dengan satu salam maka setelah dua rakaat langsung berdiri tanpa memakai Tasyahhud awal, kemudian lanjutkan rokaat ke tiga dan ke empat, lalu Tasyhhud akhir setelah selesai membaca salam dua kali.
    > Setelah selesai shalat Hajat bacalah zikir yang mudah dan berdoa sampaikan hajat yang kita inginkan kemudian mohon petunjuk kepada Allah agar tecapai segala hajatnya.

    Bacalah Doa sholat hajat


    ARTINYA: Tidak ada Tuhan kecuali Allah Yang Maha Penyantun lagi Maha Mulia, Maha suci Allah Tuhan Pemelihara Arsy yang Agung, segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan seluruh alam. KepadaMu aku memohon sesuatu yang mewajibkan rahmatMu dan sesuatu yang mendatangkan keampunanMu, serta terpeliharanya dosa-dosa, memperoleh kebaikan pada tiap-tiap dosa, janganlah Engkau tinggalkan dosa pada diriku, melainkan Engkau ampuni, dan kesusahan, melainkan Engkau beri jalan keluarnya, dan tidak pula suatu hajat yang mendapat kerelaanMu, melainkan Engkau kabulkan, wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang. 

    Ngarang Lagi Part 2

    My Decision

    On a sunny morning when the wind was blowing breeze leaves that seemed to accompany dancing followed the sound of footsteps Kirin high school students who rushed into the classroom. but does not move when the wind seemed to see the cruel teacher (Mr. Keenan) muttering angry at two students who were late to class Mr. Keenan. yes, they are Alena and william two grade 12 students who can say they're dating.

    teacher: hey you two. Why just come at this hour? (As he let go of their hands)
    Alena & william: um, excuse me sir. I was stuck in traffic on the way here.
    teachers: the only reason you guys are. never mind sitting there, next time do not repeat anything like this.
    Alena & william: thank you sir
    Alena immediately rushed bench seat with her friends (Annette).

    Alena: good morning, Annette
    Annette: hi, good morning, Alena. why are you late today but there's a test of Mr. Keenan.
    Alena: I'm sorry. was stuck in traffic on the road at william.
    Annette: ok, let's do it. Mr. Keenan angry again later.
    Alena: ok

    * Kringgg ... kringgg *
    bell after school hours and change with the rest.

    Alena: hi dear. you do not break?
    william: no len. I'm lazy, you better eat it or you'll be sick
    Alena: are you sure?
    william: yes dear
    Alena: ok then I went to the canteen used by Annette
    william: ok

    when in the canteen and Alena met nermal cliff. they are two strange men to her classmates

    nermal & cliff: Alena hai, hai Annette (simultaneously)
    Alena & Annette: hi ner. hi cliff
    nermal: where william?
    Alena: in class, seemed to be doing something
    cliff: why do not you invite him to the canteen?
    Alena: he does not want
    Annette: you no longer fight it?
    Alena: of course not
    cliff: you know what?
    Alena, Annette, nermal: what is it?
    cliff: he said tomorrow there will be new students at this school
    nermal: says who?
    cliff: before, when I passed the front headroom at school, I listened to the conversation Mr. Keenan and Mrs. twilla
    Annette: is it true? about male or female?
    cliff: I do not know

    * Kringgg .. kringgg *
    when they were talking, the bell sounds and they go quickly to the classroom.

    Alena: will, if you already know that tomorrow there will be a new student at this school?
    william: I do not know and I do not care
    Alena: why do you like this?
    william: because I'm not interested in that sort of thing
    Alena looks angry and immediately left william

    Annette: len what?
    Alena: william is very annoying. why he was not interested in things other than the lesson?
    Annette: patience. he's a smart student, it is only natural
    cliff & nermal: hai friends. Today mathematics teachers do not get so you can be free.

    after a long wait finally came home the bell sounded, too.

    william: len wait. I want to apologize about last
    Alena: nothing will. I understand
    william. thank you dear. Let me between home (while holding hands Alena)
    Alena: ok

    ~ Next day ~

    Mr. Keenan: Good morning students
    all students: good morning sir
    Mr. Keenan: Today I will introduce new students to you. Please enter New students: hi all
    all students: hi
    New students: nice to meet you this morning. introduce my name is Kevin, I have moved from high school 21. Greetings
    Mr. Keenan: please sit next to william
    Kevin: Hi, my name is kevin
    william: william (holding out his hand)
    Mr. Keenan: Let's start the lesson. go to page 54

    * Kringgg .. kringgg *

    in the canteen when Alena, william, Annetta, cliff and nermal chatting. cliff to see kevin is looking for a seat

    cliff: hi, new students. sitting here
    Kevin: hi. thank you (sitting next to Alena)
    cliff: Who was your name?
    Kevin: kevin
    cliff: ok. do not be shy. we are not evil
    Kevin: yeah, I just have to adapt again. oh yes, you name anyone? (Thrusting the hand into Lena)
    Alena : I Alena, Greetings.

    seen anything like that certainly do not like william and immediately remove his hand from Alena

    Kevin: sorry
    William: he is my girlfriend
    Kevin: I am really sorry
    Nermal: oh okay vin. take it easy
    When they were all heading for the classroom, Kevin pulled his hand Alena

    Alena: What are you doing vin?
    Kevin: I do not know what this feeling but I think I liked you since we first met
    Alena: what? but you know that I already have a boyfriend and I love him
    Kevin: I know and I do not care about that
    Alena: you crazy vin

    Alena quickly leaving kevin and walked to class.

    Alena: I do not believe that Kevin would talk like that to me
    Annetta: So what kevin talking to you?
    Alena: he told me he liked me
    Annetta: what? He said he likes with you. what's crazy?
    Alena: nett keep your voice down, I do not want to know if william
    William: if all you said was true?
    Alena: did I speak what will?

    William the immediate emotion out and look for kevin

    William: kevin! what you really like my girlfriend. (Pull collar kevin)
    Kevin: eits wait. (Off the hands of William). so what if I like your girlfriend?
    William: I love Alena so he might not choose you
    Kevin: we'll see. Alena give the opportunity to choose

    Alena confused to choose one side but he also did not like william properties that are too indifferent to him

    William: len now that you select. me or him?
    Alena: wait. I can not like this
    Kevin: What are you waiting len. You just choose me or him
    Alena: This is not as easy as you think. okay I'll choose. Will, I am your lover but I do not like the character you are always cool with me. Kevin, I just know so I may not like you
    William: see vin, len I prefer it than you do.
    Alena: you're wrong will. I did not choose you or kevin and from now on we end
    William: What len? You must be mistaken. I'm in love with you len?
    Alena: I like you but it used to be. it was all over will. now we all be friends
    Kevin: I agree len
    William: ok, I also

    And finally they were all friendly without any slightest resentment among those

    (sorry if my english is less true)

    Dona Rahmawati Nabilla