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Ngarang Lagi Part 2

My Decision

On a sunny morning when the wind was blowing breeze leaves that seemed to accompany dancing followed the sound of footsteps Kirin high school students who rushed into the classroom. but does not move when the wind seemed to see the cruel teacher (Mr. Keenan) muttering angry at two students who were late to class Mr. Keenan. yes, they are Alena and william two grade 12 students who can say they're dating.

teacher: hey you two. Why just come at this hour? (As he let go of their hands)
Alena & william: um, excuse me sir. I was stuck in traffic on the way here.
teachers: the only reason you guys are. never mind sitting there, next time do not repeat anything like this.
Alena & william: thank you sir
Alena immediately rushed bench seat with her friends (Annette).

Alena: good morning, Annette
Annette: hi, good morning, Alena. why are you late today but there's a test of Mr. Keenan.
Alena: I'm sorry. was stuck in traffic on the road at william.
Annette: ok, let's do it. Mr. Keenan angry again later.
Alena: ok

* Kringgg ... kringgg *
bell after school hours and change with the rest.

Alena: hi dear. you do not break?
william: no len. I'm lazy, you better eat it or you'll be sick
Alena: are you sure?
william: yes dear
Alena: ok then I went to the canteen used by Annette
william: ok

when in the canteen and Alena met nermal cliff. they are two strange men to her classmates

nermal & cliff: Alena hai, hai Annette (simultaneously)
Alena & Annette: hi ner. hi cliff
nermal: where william?
Alena: in class, seemed to be doing something
cliff: why do not you invite him to the canteen?
Alena: he does not want
Annette: you no longer fight it?
Alena: of course not
cliff: you know what?
Alena, Annette, nermal: what is it?
cliff: he said tomorrow there will be new students at this school
nermal: says who?
cliff: before, when I passed the front headroom at school, I listened to the conversation Mr. Keenan and Mrs. twilla
Annette: is it true? about male or female?
cliff: I do not know

* Kringgg .. kringgg *
when they were talking, the bell sounds and they go quickly to the classroom.

Alena: will, if you already know that tomorrow there will be a new student at this school?
william: I do not know and I do not care
Alena: why do you like this?
william: because I'm not interested in that sort of thing
Alena looks angry and immediately left william

Annette: len what?
Alena: william is very annoying. why he was not interested in things other than the lesson?
Annette: patience. he's a smart student, it is only natural
cliff & nermal: hai friends. Today mathematics teachers do not get so you can be free.

after a long wait finally came home the bell sounded, too.

william: len wait. I want to apologize about last
Alena: nothing will. I understand
william. thank you dear. Let me between home (while holding hands Alena)
Alena: ok

~ Next day ~

Mr. Keenan: Good morning students
all students: good morning sir
Mr. Keenan: Today I will introduce new students to you. Please enter New students: hi all
all students: hi
New students: nice to meet you this morning. introduce my name is Kevin, I have moved from high school 21. Greetings
Mr. Keenan: please sit next to william
Kevin: Hi, my name is kevin
william: william (holding out his hand)
Mr. Keenan: Let's start the lesson. go to page 54

* Kringgg .. kringgg *

in the canteen when Alena, william, Annetta, cliff and nermal chatting. cliff to see kevin is looking for a seat

cliff: hi, new students. sitting here
Kevin: hi. thank you (sitting next to Alena)
cliff: Who was your name?
Kevin: kevin
cliff: ok. do not be shy. we are not evil
Kevin: yeah, I just have to adapt again. oh yes, you name anyone? (Thrusting the hand into Lena)
Alena : I Alena, Greetings.

seen anything like that certainly do not like william and immediately remove his hand from Alena

Kevin: sorry
William: he is my girlfriend
Kevin: I am really sorry
Nermal: oh okay vin. take it easy
When they were all heading for the classroom, Kevin pulled his hand Alena

Alena: What are you doing vin?
Kevin: I do not know what this feeling but I think I liked you since we first met
Alena: what? but you know that I already have a boyfriend and I love him
Kevin: I know and I do not care about that
Alena: you crazy vin

Alena quickly leaving kevin and walked to class.

Alena: I do not believe that Kevin would talk like that to me
Annetta: So what kevin talking to you?
Alena: he told me he liked me
Annetta: what? He said he likes with you. what's crazy?
Alena: nett keep your voice down, I do not want to know if william
William: if all you said was true?
Alena: did I speak what will?

William the immediate emotion out and look for kevin

William: kevin! what you really like my girlfriend. (Pull collar kevin)
Kevin: eits wait. (Off the hands of William). so what if I like your girlfriend?
William: I love Alena so he might not choose you
Kevin: we'll see. Alena give the opportunity to choose

Alena confused to choose one side but he also did not like william properties that are too indifferent to him

William: len now that you select. me or him?
Alena: wait. I can not like this
Kevin: What are you waiting len. You just choose me or him
Alena: This is not as easy as you think. okay I'll choose. Will, I am your lover but I do not like the character you are always cool with me. Kevin, I just know so I may not like you
William: see vin, len I prefer it than you do.
Alena: you're wrong will. I did not choose you or kevin and from now on we end
William: What len? You must be mistaken. I'm in love with you len?
Alena: I like you but it used to be. it was all over will. now we all be friends
Kevin: I agree len
William: ok, I also

And finally they were all friendly without any slightest resentment among those

(sorry if my english is less true)

Dona Rahmawati Nabilla

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